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George's story

Hi girls, George Harrison here, lead guitar.

I'm not taking any notice of course, but the other three are skipping around the room,saying, "Hi girls! George Harrison here, lead guitar." Well, I've got to introduce myself some way, haven't I?

One thing about us Beatles is that we're just as nutty now as we ever were. Our chart success hasn't changed us, thank goodness. I remember the first time I ever met Paul was on the bus home from school. He was sitting laughing to himself. I thought, "We've a right case here,"and then I realised he could see his own reflection in the window. Well, I thought, that explains it!

John, I recall, was eating fish and chips, but his hair being so long kept getting in the way! Ringo, who I met in a club, looked moody. Then we started talking he explained he'd been talking hard and the effort was too much for him. He can't help it, poor lad.

I was never officially introduced to myself. In accordance with the natural custom I was born, at the time being fairly small (about twenty inches long). My mother insists that I was brought into the world singing and playing a guitar, but I think she's joking. My sister Louise and brothers Peter and Harry make up the rest of the family, whose motto is, 'Live and let live,' and who live at Hunts Cross.

After I was born I started to grow. (Pretty lucky, 'cos I'd have looked a bit of a Charlie if I'd stayed twenty inches tall all my life). By the time I was five I could walk and talk and knew my name was George. (Brilliant really.) My mother and the local schooling authorities, decided it was time I exercised my great brain and sent me to Dovedale Primary School.

At that time I measured about three foot six inches, weighed about a stone, and resembled a garden rake. In an attempt to expand my body I took a great interest in the school sports. I was mad keen on soccer, cricket, athletics and swimming.

When I was fourteen, Paul and I went to Paignton in Devon on a hitch-hiking holiday. That was a bit of a laugh too, because we ran out of money, and had nowhere to sleep. "I've got the answer," said Paul. "We'll sleep on the beach."

"Great," I agreed, "the sand will be as soft as any mattress." How wrong I was. Sand is hard as concrete when you lie on it all night. Another year when we were hitch-hiking in South Wales we did actually sleep on concrete. We ran out of cash again, and Paul had the idea. We could sleep at the police station.

"'Evening all, can we sleep in one of your cells?" we asked the three policemen.

"No, you certainly can't, they're for criminals. We aren't a hotel,you know."

"But we don't know where to sleep."

"You can sleep in the grandstand of the football club," one of the policemen said, "only be careful of old Fred who's the watchman. He doesn't take to strangers."

With great difficulty we climbed the wall surrounding the football ground, and with even greater difficulty we got to sleep on the concrete steps of the grandstand. Just as day was breaking I woke to see a small fierce man standing over me.

"Whoops, trouble, Paul, wake up!"I said.And added, "'Morning, nice weather we're having, Fred."

"What are you doing in my grandstand?" Fred demanded, ignoring the pleasantries.

"S-sleeping," Paul croaked.

"Well,you're not any more!" shouted old Fred.

We didn't need telling twice.

Hitch-hiking is great fun for boys, but I wouldn't like a girlfriend of mine to do it, and I hope if any of you are thinking of trying it, you'll be very careful.

Right now there are about a hundred girls outside the dressing room window, and Paul's waving to them. When we first started as The Beatles and success looked like coming our way, we were always nervous before a performance. Ringo would be very quiet, and John very serious, while Paul and I used to gag pretending ourselves that we didn't care at all. But we did. Nowadays we are different. We don't think about performing any more, we just do it. I think we've all grown up a lot in the last few months.

The thing is that we don't really have time to think about things. We rush from one show to another and are so busy in between that we don't get time to analyse the act. Tell you the truth our act really isn't an act at all. It is just us - Paul, John, Ringo and George - standing onstage playing instruments and singing. The thing we really care about is sincerity. We don't play up to a theatre audience, or try to hog all the camera in a T.V. studio. It is the same sincerity that influences our way of dressing. We've always worn our hair long, and dressed the way we do now. Maybe the quality of the cloth and the cut of the clothes has improved, but basically we look the same.

The boys are trying to tell me something, but I'm not listening. Ringo looks as though he's going to have a fit, and Paul keeps rushing in and out of the room.

After all that has happened to us we've not many ambitions yet unfulfilled. I have one though, to design a guitar myself, and have it called 'The Harrison.' I'd like to play as well as Duane Eddy or Chet Atkins. I wish I could compose like John and Paul.

Talking of John and Paul they are doing their nuts at me now. "O.K. I'm coming."

Apparently I have to go now. Heck,I just got the message, I'm meant to be onstage, that's what they were trying to tell me. "Sorry lads,I got carried away."

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